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After 500 cameras and 5 years…

August 25, 2013 by admin

… we’ve decided to close down the project.
Whilst we will still be updating the site with cameras which are found, we will no longer be generating new cameras for people to release into the wild.

We’ve had a great deal of fun running the project over the last five years, we’ve had amazing support from the community, and collectively, we’ve travelled to amazing places, met many wonderful people, and shared many wonderful stories, but in recent months, I’ve had so little time to look after the project, that it isn’t fair to keep people waiting for news on their cameras.

It was an experiment from the outset, we thought we’d release just ten cameras, and that scaled globally within months, all thanks to our community.

We’ll be doing a project wrap-up in the coming months, along with a summary of all of the images and stories, along with how you’ll be able to get involved in your own disposable camera projects in the future.

Matthew Knight
Project Founder and Curator.

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