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Phosphore magazine

January 24, 2012 by admin

Chloé very kindly took a picture of the recent article in Phosphore magazine, in France, AND translated the article for us. Amazing!

“The editorial staff loves…


It’s a crazy, unnecessary and great idea: leaving disposable cameras around the word , hoping, then, to recover the pictures of their journey. Since 2008, “The Disposable Memory Project” send cameras on a trip, like so many bottles in the see.
On, you can locate the cameras stashed in Aix, Amsterdam or Chamonix, propose to left one close to your home, or look at the pictures of the 30 cameras already returned from their trip. Snapshots (some successful, some… disposable), where you find a Gambian fisherman, Texas women covered with gold, or Winnie the Pooh at the South Pole… An amazing idea wich is waiting for you to grow, knowing that, of course, it’s better when the camera travels, often changes hands, and when yo do not photograph close-in your nostrils!”

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