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Browsing cameras by country

December 13, 2011 by admin

We’ve started to recently add new features to the website, and will be, over the next year, giving the entire project a substantial overhaul.
Our first new feature is the ability to see cameras by country.

As every single camera in the project is geotagged (contains information on where it currently is in the world), we’re able to create maps of each camera’s location. We’ve created a page for every one of the 73 countries which our cameras have visited, that’s over 770 locations in total. Of course, this is based upon the last time we heard from a camera, not its real location, but I think it creates an interesting view on the project.

Currently, it just shows every single location a camera has passed through, but in time, we’ll be adding the ability to see click to a camera from a location, and other useful tools. As the project grows, you’ll be able to add your own comments to each location too.

You can find the location pages by visiting any Camera page. On the right, you’ll see a list of the countries the camera visited. Just click the link, and you’ll see the location page.

Here are a few examples:


We’ve already spotted a few of the locations/pins are in the wrong place, so if you see something not quite right, just tweet or email us, and we’ll fix it.

And if you have any ideas for the site, just let us know, and we’ll consider all suggestions.

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