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How does the camera numbering work? You sent me a code, but that isn’t a number like on the website!

November 24, 2011 by admin

Steve B asks:

I see on the web site that the cameras are numbered 1-306. Is one of those mine? What is the relationship between the camera number and the URL?

The cameras have two unique IDs – the codes for the camera itself (ie. which we send you when you request a camera code) and the number once it is added to the website.

The code on the camera is so we can track the camera (so people cannot just say “Hey, I found Camera 123″ if they did not actually find one, and also, as you can imagine, many people request codes, but do not actually release cameras). The number of the website is simply the Nth camera released. Hope that makes sense? Possibly not the simplest of systems, but it seems to work :)

When you find a camera, make sure you tell us the unique code you see on the camera, and we’ll tell you which camera you’ve found. In fact, if you visit the code on the camera, you’ll be taken directly to the relevant page on the website.

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