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Camera 219 returns home after 680 days of travel

October 18, 2011 by admin

Released back in September 2009, Camera 219 has finally returned home after almost 700 days in the wild, travelling through four different countries, and passing through the hands of 7 people.

Started by John W. at his 50th birthday party in North Yorkshire, UK:

We met up with family in deepest North Yorkshire (Halton Gill), and boogied the night away to Bob Dylan and Basement Jaxx

The camera was handed over to family, who took it via Newcastle, and then on to Scotland, and back down to Hexham, England.

The camera was then passed on to Ruth, who travelled across the Atlantic on to Vancouver:

I received camera 219, from Allison and John while at Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey, near Allendale, in the north of England

Some months later, we heard about the camera’s whereabouts again in the June of 2010, as it had arrived at Granville Island, Canada with Justin S:

I snapped a couple of shots of the sun setting on the bay. A few weeks ago I left the camera on a 50 False Creek South bus as I exited.

Found on that bus by Jeanne H, it stayed within Canada, until it made its way to Seattle REI with Liz W, and then on to Washington with Ken, and finally to Karl V at the Stonerose Interpretive Centre, also in Washington:

It was discovered while the staff was cleaning up the center at the end of the day. We think it was taken to the fossil site with one of our families who went digging for fossils.

Finally returning home in October, 2011 – the camera has picked up a wonderful set of images from across the globe. Its participants are already commenting on the images, check out its journey at the Camera 219 page.

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