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F5 Magazine, Russia

April 20, 2011 by admin

Masha sent us a scan of an article featuring the project in Russian magazine F5:

f5_newspaper article

She also helped translate it:

folklore (which is only a name of the section, have no idea why)

Than a large sign ТЕКУЧКА КАДРОВ which can be translated as “Flowing of the pictures (frames)” or “workers routine” (this is a very cool magazine. they have so many word-games)

Than it says:

The participants of disposable memory project leave around disposable cameras with a note, which asks people to take a couple of pictures and “lose” the camera again. People, who find the cameras completely filled with photos upload it to the project’s website.

Thanks Masha, and thanks to the team at F5 for featuring the project. Masha will hopefully be our first Russian camera drop, and fingers crossed we’ll get more people from that part of the world signing up to the project.

You can actually download a PDF version of the article here, and view the online version here.

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