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Sar Friedman – Disposable Camera Lover

July 16, 2010 by admin


Sar Friedman dropped us an email to say how much she loved our project, and wanted to get involved. Sar is already a massive fan of the disposable camera, and has taken some wonderful images. We asked her to write a few words about why disposable photography excites her:

I’m Sar Friedman. Music maker and disposable camera lover.

A breath of fresh air in a digital world.

I love the point and shoot aspect of disposable photography. I love the grain, the colours and the textures, which they are magically capable of achieving. I love the element of mystery and unpredictability – you never quite know what you are going to end up with. I love that if you wish to, you can awkwardly position the viewfinder right up over your eyes, like the good old days.

For me, the disposable has come to represent a bit of a rebellious approach to modern photography or perhaps a necessary accessory to accompany our digital pursuits. I find that carrying around a disposable camera keeps me grounded. Keeps me in a frame where I have to be mindful of restrictions that my digital camera otherwise overcomes intuitively… like considering the amount of light, distance, etc.

Similarly, with phone applications now including Instamatic, Polaroid, Lomo features and so on, it just feels so refreshing using a quaint little throw away contraption. It’s simple and basic, captures images beautifully and inspires creative endeavours like the disposable camera project! Pretty, pretty, pretty good!

Thanks for the thoughts Sar. If you’d like to share your opinions on disposable photography, do drop us a note.

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