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February 9, 2010 by admin


Matt V.T. has been handed Camera 159, which travelled from Greenland to the South Pole. He’s given us a little more background to the camera’s journey to date:

To update the story of this camera a little – Sam D. (if the surname is Doyle) passed the camera to Mike S. (Stainer) – one of this years wintering mechs at R.A.B.I.D (Rothera Area Base of Ice Drilling). This is a deep field depot site (78° 09′S 83° 53′W) supporting flying operations further South. He took a photo there and then took it back to Sky Blu (an blue ice runway deep field site 74° 09′S 71° 34′W) where he took a further photo and bought it back to Rothera. It was passed to Toddy who took it to the pole and it was then given to me on his return.

Matt told us about what he did with the camera too:

I have taken a couple of photos, one of our main building and one of a Skua chick during a monitoring survey of breeding Skua on the point. (photo attached taken by Keith Waddell, a base assistant, of the camera in use). I have now given it to Celine, who has just completed a year as meteorologist on base. She left Rothera this morning with the camera and is heading North to travel through Chile and Peru. With any luck – the camera should find its way back to you at some point – and it would be really good to see some of the photos on this well travelled camera!!

Thanks for the update Matt – and we’re looking forward to hearing from Celine.
You can see the complete history of the camera at the Camera 159 page.

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