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Crônicas Visuais

October 7, 2009 by admin


Edvaldo wrote to us a few months back to tell us about an event he and his wife were planning:

I really appreciated your Disposable Memory Project and I would like to introduce you a similar project I and my wife Silvia are planning to run in Brazil.

We like the drift theory, where you keep yourself in a way that doesn’t have plan or maps but has borders and limits and follow the “natural” way, we have resolved to allow a camera to do it. We will have a Photograph event called “Paraty em Foco” ( this is the biggest one in Brazil and we are going to use this opportunity to test this “camera drift”. The idea is to give cameras (disposable ones) to one person in the beginning of the day and request to pass to others during the day and at the end return to one specific place where we can get, like your project.

That was back in July, and last week Edvaldo wrote again to tell us how things went:

During this event we finally launched the Crônicas Visuais project ( We started with 2 cameras, one fixed in a seat in the main place in Paraty (Praça da Matriz) and the second one made small “trip” cross the city.

Unfortunately the first one was robbed in the first day, we took some pictures and published in the blog. After it we took more care about the cameras. The first trip was made by a teenager that lives in the non touristic portion of the city, Betina shows us the day by day images. The second trip was very short, just in the best ice-cream shop in the city during the “international day of ice cream”, at least it was in Paraty and we saw a large line of students waiting for free ice cream, was funny to see the images at the same level of them, very short close to the tables.

After it, we gave a camera to the a volunteer in the asylum for older, we just posted it today in the site. Very emotional pictures showing us how these old people live there and the conditions they have.

We tried other camera in the place (praça da matriz), it was almost robbed again,, but this time we were able to recover it. This film was nice pictures from famous photographers … very funny. the last one made a trip in the hands of one visitor.

If you’re a Portuguese speaker, you can read much more about the event at We’ll also be adding the two cameras which we sent to Edvaldo from our project to the site in the coming days, and fingers crossed we’ll hear back from them soon.

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