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Dollar Store camera exhibition

August 27, 2009 by admin


We’ve had an email from Matt Foote, of our very first camera to return home, telling us about an exhibition he’s put together after being involved in our project:

Having been directly inspired by the Disposable Memory Project, I am hanging a show of disposable camera photos at the September art show at the Gallery At The End Of The World.
Appropriate, as that is the gallery where I received my first DMP camera, which subsequently became the very first one to return home.

This show, specifically, was done using the very cheapest, flimsiest, “Dollar Store” cameras that I could find. No flash, no fancy gadgets. They’re so cheap, they’re housed in paperboard packaging instead of plastic. And the photo quality is generally just awful– murky and dodgy, almost like a pinhole camera. But with the right framing and light-oriented composition, they can produce beautiful, if rough, images.

We totally agree, the images from the cameras are wonderful and have a beautiful quality to them. If you’re in the Altadena area of California, do try and get to Matt’s show. He’ll also be releasing another camera for us there.

For the exhibit, I’m also going to launch a new camera by having the bag attached to my wall. We’ll see who has the stones to unpin the camera bag from the exhibition wall and walk away with it…

Contact us or the Gallery for more details on the show

V Festival welcomes the DMP

August 22, 2009 by admin

Summer is finally here-ish, and that means festival time. We’ve already had a couple of cameras go to Glastonbury and a number of festivals around the UK, but this weekend is the turn of the V Festival in Chelmsford and Staffordshire, and we’ll be there courtesy of @clara_bow, seen above talking to camera. Clare has the enviable (arguably) task of meeting a whole bunch of people at the V Festival, writing for the website, and she’s very kindly offered to take a bunch of cameras with her to give out to people over the weekend. There’s an outside chance we might even get some cams into the hands of genuine celebs!

If you’re planning on going to a festival this year, wherever you are in the world, why not take a camera with you, and hand it over to someone you don’t know. Great opportunity for some wonderful images!

We’ll keep you posted as to the whereabouts of the V Festival cameras as we hear about them being handed out.

Update: The cameras were released at the Artist Dressing Room compound by Clare. Fingers crossed for them being picked up and us hearing back from the snap happy celebs! Check out Clare interviewing some of the more confused festival goers.

See the camera pages at:

Camera 195
Camera 196
Camera 197

200th Camera milestone is near

August 15, 2009 by admin

We’re approaching our big milestone of 200 cameras being released, and to celebrate, we’ll be giving a little prize to the person who drops our 200th camera.

If you’ve already got a camera code and haven’t dropped a camera yet, now is a perfect time to do it.
If you’ve not got a camera code yet, sign up here, and we’ll send you instructions on how to create your own camera drop.

The rules are pretty simple to enter:
1. Create a camera and drop it somewhere / hand it over to someone else
2. Take a photo of your drop/handover
3. Email us with details of the camera, and if you’re the 200th to be posted on the site – you’ll win!

The prize is something in keeping with the project, and just a way of saying thanks for helping us reach our 200th Camera dropped. We’ll be posting a longer blog entry at 200 with a review of the project to date.

Camera 184 returns home from Shanghai

August 11, 2009 by admin

Camera 184

After just 32 days travelling around Japan and China, Camera 184 has returned home with a collection of images from Asia.

Originally released and left in Narita Airport, Japan by Michael N. in July 2009.
After travelling via Taiwan, the cameras came to China ending up with Ava who took photos, including the new Chinese Expo building.

Thanks to everyone involved, and the fantastic images can be found on the Camera 184 page.

Camera 88 returns home

August 7, 2009 by admin

camera 88 image

Camera 88 has returned home, and the images are now available to see online.
The camera was originally dropped in Austin, Texas USA by Mark S. back in April 2009. It was quickly picked up by Dan A. and friends, and taken on to the Eeyore birthday party, where it was handed over to Cassie F, who kindly developed the images for us.

Check out the Camera 88 page for the full details on its journey, and please comment if you know anything more about the people and places in the images.

NB. The images are currently fairly low-res, but we’ll be rescanning the negatives when they arrive for higher quality.

Introducing Jon

August 4, 2009 by admin


We’ve recently welcomed Jon C. to the Disposable Memory Project curation team. Jon is one of our earliest supporters, and he’s on board to help out responding to people’s questions, updating the site, and generally being super useful. We’ve asked him to introduce himself below.

Hi I’m Jon. I’ve been asked by Matthew to become a community admin for the project.

I’ve been following the Disposable Memory Project right from the very beginning when Matthew announced he was starting it on Twitter. I really liked the idea that pictures can tell a story, and with the project, one camera can tell a few stories.

I asked Matthew if there was the possibility to get involved as someone who dropped cameras. I have to admit that after asking it took me a year to make my first drops but once I started that was it. I made some drops in Paris while on Holiday and when I got back give some cameras to friends in Glasgow to pass around their respective companies.

Since then I dropped Camera 99 at Developer! Developer! Developer! Scotland, a Developers (If you’d not guessed!) Conference in Scotland. I wanted to do something a little different with this camera so I asked the guys at the conference to pass it about and finish it during the day. I received the camera back at about 9pm and sent it back in to the project..

More recently I have passed cameras on to friends to start as well as drop. Dave C took some cameras over to Bali with him and Zev has just received Camera 186 just before he leaves for a tour in West Bali.

I love the project because of it’s random nature. Everyone sees the camera as a part of life but I rarely give my camera to someone else for them to take pictures with. With the Disposable Memory Project I get to connect myself to other people and places and seeing the updates I feel like I’m travelling with the camera.

You can reach Jon at [email protected]

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