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Danish Batch

April 19, 2009 by admin

cameras from thorir

We’ve had a sudden rush of new cameras recently – you can see them all on the Track page, but 12 new drops since our last update post.

Three cameras have gone out in Denmark thanks to Thorir I., two released in London by the Project , one was handed over in Montenegro thanks to Peter H., and three in Glasgow thanks to Jon C.

Also, we made a mistake and managed to miss a camera which was released by Charlotte of Photo360 magazine back in January in Hastings, UK – we added this as Camera 74 – sorry!

And Camera 73 which was released on April 9th by Hanna R. in Frankfurt has been found and returned already – we’re waiting for it to come home via the post, but fingers crossed we’ll have some images for that online in the next week or so.

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