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Camera of the Century?

April 26, 2009 by admin

camera 89

We’re rapidly approaching 100 cameras! We’ve had a bunch of cameras released over the last week:

Camera 91 and Camera 90 in Taunton, UK
Camera 89 in San Francisco, USA along with a wonderful image of the Golden Gate bridge (pictured above!)
Camera 88 in Austin, TX
Camera 87 released in London, but has found its way to Barcelona
Camera 86 handed over in Glasgow, Scotland
Camera 85 released in Morro Bay, CA
Camera 84 released in London, but taken to San Francisco
Camera 83 handed over in Nottingham and winging its way to New York

Graham K, who dropped the Taunton and Nottingham cameras is currently travelling around Devon and Cornwall with a handful of cameras ready to leave, so we’ll be tracking his journey via the site. Kirsty S is currently in California, and has told us she’ll be dropping some cameras over the next week or so, and we have word of trips to South Africa, Canada and Japan from some of our community – so lots of interesting drops coming up.

Who will hit the magic Camera 100? Watch this space!

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