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Camera 22 completed and on its way home

February 19, 2009 by admin

An image of its journey

We’ve had some great news today, Ada V sent us a couple of emails, firstly to say she’d found Camera 22:

I found camera pico2 in the townhall of Heemstede.
I took some photographs from the ladies i work with
Even one off them had her birthday at that time!

and then, pretty soon after, upon realising the camera was all finished, she contacted us again to find out how to get the camera home. Fingers crossed, we’ll have the camera back in a few weeks, and we’ll develop the images and share them.

This camera started its life in a classic fashion as a ‘true’ drop, left in the main auditorium at the Picnic 08 conference in the Westerpark, Amsterdam. Some months after, it was picked up and moved to Haarlem by H.M. After this, the camera apparantly made its way to Rotterdam, and then back Haarlem, to Eliane W. who found the camera in her office having it passed over by one of her clients. The camera then found its way south to Heemstede, where Ada V. found it in the Town Hall. Ada, of course, then sent the camera back to us for processing.

You can see its journey on the Camera Tracker page for Camera 22, and we’ll be posting the images up there when we have them developed.

Metro Post-it

February 18, 2009 by admin

Metro post-it, originally uploaded by nicolasnova.

This is nice. Someone left a poem on a Paris Metro for someone to read or pickup. via [Pasta & Vinegar]

Recent Updates

February 17, 2009 by admin

Wow, a sudden rush of activity has overwhelmed me with updating the site recently. We’ve had loads of people writing in to ask if they can set up their own cameras – of course you can! Instructions are on their way to each and everyone of you.

We’ve also had a bunch of new cameras dropped off, here’s a roundup:

Camera 49: Dropped off by me, in the River Cafe in London
Camera 50: Dropped off by Tiffany M in Missouri
Camera 51: Also one of mine, dropped off in the ‘Internal Mail’ at Endemol UK
Camera 52: Dropped off in Connecticut by Steven P.
Camera 53: Dropped off by Jason T in Cookeville, TN

Also, we’ve heard back from Camera 22 which is working its way around the Netherlands, Camera 46 which moved from the US to Ireland and Camera 41 which has travelled from London to Italy, then Spain to the USA.

Pass it on

February 13, 2009 by admin

Photo Pro Magazine are featuring the Disposable Memory Project in their March 09 Issue. Featuring stories about some of the cameras and some pictures from our Flickr account, the article is a great piece, and covers the project well – here’s hoping we’ll hear from the magazine’s readers wanting to get involved.

Internal Mail

February 12, 2009 by admin

Internal Mail, originally uploaded by webponce.

Toying around with a new idea today.

Internal Mail ( is an offshoot of the Disposable Memory Project, where if you work in an office or company which uses internal mail, you can use the system to send a camera around your organisation.

Instructions are on the site, but maybe it might create some interesting photos, and hopefully one a day!

Legal Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for you getting told off for abusing internal resources or something :)

Meandering Camera

February 7, 2009 by admin

Meandering Camera, originally uploaded by webponce.

I received my very own disposable camera this morning. Alvin over at is running a project “inspired by” ours, and already has some great images back.

This being the first time I’ve received a camera to do with what I please myself, I’ve started feeling the weird sense of ‘ooh, where to take it’, and more interestingly, ‘i don’t want to give it away! what if it gets lost?’. I’m sorry if I’ve put you through this too! ;)

Check out his site, and say hello from the DMP.

Camera 48 goes to Athens

by admin

Our first camera in February 2009, the wonderful Lucy O has dropped off our first Greek camera:

I handed a camera over to an English speaking, Greek Follow-Spot Operator, at the Badminton Theatre in Athens today. Her name is Evina, but I’m waiting on a business card for her surname as it seemed to be about 10 syllables long! I handed her the instructions in English, and also in Greek…

Lucy has also very kindly helped us get translations of our instructions into Greek, French, Italian and Russian! σας ευχαριστώ, merci, grazie, вы (that’s thank-you in each of those languages, courtesy of Babelfish ;)

Camera 47 from Cornwall to Thailand?

February 1, 2009 by admin

Nicky G. has written in to tell us about the camera which we sent her earlier in January:

It went to Cornwall and back, but the seal wasn’t broken, as we didn’t meet any other humans during those three days. I was tempted to leave it down at the beach but i thought the sea spray might finish it!

So it’s on it’s merry way ( well arrived by now ) on a trip to Thailand, and possibly Cambodia. We’ll see.

The first photo is of me and my dad playing table football in Kick bar. So not too tropical a start. But i reckon there’ll be some winter sun action soon. My Mum knows a Burmese lady that they usually meet up with, so it may well end up with her for a bit. Interesting to see where it goes.

Very tropical indeed, here’s hoping we hear back from Camera 47, which has been added to the tracker and maps. Nicky runs the excellent site, which is chocked full of lovely things, not least sock monsters. Go say hello.

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