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Off to NYC

November 30, 2008 by admin

P1010997.JPG, originally uploaded by Ferg.

Fergus J has been sent one of the new batch of cameras, and will be taking his to New York in the upcoming weeks. We’ve also lined up another bunch of new cambags which will be winging their way to those of you who I’ve been chatting to recently. Remember to let me know where they land, and send a photo!

This book will be famous

November 23, 2008 by admin

Nicky and Asi have been secretly working away on this lovely book project. I’ll let Nicky explain:

So, what’s the idea ? Well it’s a bit of a cross between Pass the Parcel, Consequences, and the 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon. There’s 6 spreads in the book, and we’ve sent it to the most famous person we know to create something or leave a message, and then pass it on to the most famous person they know. Fingers crossed it will get to some exciting people along the way.

Lovely idea – something with a lovely crossover with our project I think. They should attach a camera to the book ;) Good luck with the project guys, and let me know when you auction it off.

“I wished so badly that I could just take the picture”

by admin

I pulled out my digital camera, turned it on, and started fiddling with f-stops and zooming out to get just the right picture. At that moment I wished so badly that I could just take the picture without having to worry about any of these things. Just try to take the picture. Not have to worry about any of these things. Not able to worry about these things because they would be beyond my control.

I stumbled across the Single Use/Disposable Camera Project at Flickr from Dуℓап tonight.

Digital photography has, without discussion, revolutionised photography – and most importantly has made it massively accessible, enabling anyone to take and share images with the world at very low cost. Removing the effort and care needed when taking an image with film, or rather the high potential for error, has effects on both side of the coin though. Has being able to take hundreds of photos without thought devalued what a photograph means? I’m not a particularly good photographer, but odds are if I take enough images, one will be good that I post online. I throw away far more images than I keep. This is one of the meanings of ‘disposable’. Would I end up with better images if I spent more time composing shots, thinking about getting it ‘right’, rather than rattling off a dozen frames?

I think having the ‘black box’ of a film camera, and even more so a camera which you’re not sure you’ll ever see again, and don’t have the duty of care over, contextualises the image in a very different space. The image means more – it’s part of a story, one chance to capture a moment without an option to undo or revert, but at the same time is it throw-away, you’re not paying for it, you don’t care about the end product so much – so in part the action of capturing the moment is more important than the actual image or composition itself. It’s a memory captured and then lost until the message in the bottle finds its next carer. I think its an interesting contradiction.

Disposable Art

November 14, 2008 by admin

Disposable Art

ADAM NEATE: The London Show

As dusk falls on Friday 14th November, Adam Neate will be claiming the streets of London as his gallery by leaving 1000 artworks scattered across the city.

The 2007-2012 Outlook for Disposable Cameras in India

November 10, 2008 by admin

If you’ve a spare £400 to spend, does anyone fancy buying a copy of this, and letting me know whether there is a market for the Disposable Memory Project in India.

In order to estimate the latent demand for disposable cameras across the states or union territories and cites of India, we used a multi-stage approach. Before applying the approach, one needs a basic theory from which such estimates are created. In this case, we heavily rely on the use of certain basic economic assumptions. In particular, there is an assumption governing the shape and type of aggregate latent demand functions.

Tres random.

Meandering Cameras

November 6, 2008 by admin

A project ‘inspired by’ our site has recently launched in the US. Meandering Cameras, setup by Alvin Liang and from Cambridge, Massachusetts is doing a pretty similar thing to us, and kudos to him for pushing on at a much faster rate than I have been doing! Alvin, I’d love to have a camera of yours and I’ll send you one of ours if you wanna do a swap!

Ben M at Burning Man

November 4, 2008 by admin

Ben M at Burning Man, originally uploaded by webponce.

Camera 13 was left at Burning Man this year by Ben M. This photo was taken by the ‘saucy nurse’ who took the camera:

I finally managed to scan the postcard which was made by the girl I gave the camera to at Burning Man. So it’s attached. She took a pic of me and printed in onto a postcard which I sent home to myself. I gave her the camera.

You can follow Camera 13‘s progress at the tracker.

The Amsterdam Five

November 1, 2008 by admin

Matt Jones, also of Dopplr, at Picnic

Apologies for not writing this up sooner – but I’ve recently started a new job which has been taking up most of my life. An update on the Amsterdam Five which were left whilst I was attending Picnic 08:

Camera 18 – handed over to Boris from Dopplr, who I managed to corner whilst he was standing waiting for a coffee. Dopplr is an awesome application which tracks your movements around the globe, so it a wonderful kindred spirit to our project. Matt Jones, also of Dopplr, presented an interesting talk on ‘the emerging realtime social web’. Here’s hoping that it makes its way around the world with one of the people from there.

Camera 19 – given to Andy B, who is a friend of mine from adidas, based in Amsterdam.

Camera 20 – given to Remko, who was also attending the Picnic 08 conference, seen here as the proud owner of the new camera.

Camera 21 – handed over to Gemma B, who works at de-construct amsterdam, and is a keen traveller herself.

Camera 22 – we went back to the original spirit of the project and left this one in plain site in the main auditorium on the last day of Picnic. It had already disappeared by the time I walked past it an hour later, so let’s hope we hear back.

Don’t forget to let us know if you picked up these cameras!

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