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Pass the camera

April 21, 2008 by admin

Oli mentioned a similar project to me this morning: “Pass the Camera“, a single disposable camera being sent around the world, one picture at a time. Not sure if its still running, as it launched back in 2000 – but nice nevertheless.

Cameras 3, 4 & 5

April 20, 2008 by admin

Three more cameras have gone into the wild today – one on the southbank, one in central london’s oxford street, and one handed to Peter from the Fifty Quid Danger Fund so he can put it somewhere of his choosing. You can find their location on the camera tracker.

I was walking along the southbank as my wife and I wanted to go and check out O2′s The Memory Project – nothing to do with our little site, but a really nice idea nonetheless. Basically, they have created a 360 view timelapse of the southbank, which is taking images right now. Inside the installation, you can view old images from the panorama’s last few days of capturing. Walking closer to the screens shows you newer images, further away, older (or vice versa). I’m not sure when its there until, but check it out – its a nice concept.

And finally, we’ve had our first request to make a DIY camera bag – all the way from Boston MA, in the US of A. Woo! Thanks Tom. Hopefully we’ll be seeing his camera location pretty soon.

make your own

April 18, 2008 by admin

I’ve had a few emails asking if people could create their own bags and release them into the wild. Absolutely, and this morning, we’ve created a little form to send us your details if you’re interested. The process is pretty simple – get in touch, we’ll give you a unique camera ID, and some support in creating the camera bag. Then, once you’ve left it in the wild, let us know where, and we’ll help you track it.

If you’re interested, go create a bag.

Camera Tracker

April 17, 2008 by admin

I’ve put up our very own Google Maps camera tracker. Apologies for the hideous gradient filled camera icons, i haven’t had a chance to draw my own yet, so generic had to do. There’s not much going on at the moment, as you can see, and I haven’t heard back from the two cameras out there yet – then again, i kinda don’t expect to really. I think more saturation is key to getting a result. I’ve also had quite a few people ask if they can create camera bags – i’m going to be working on that this weekend. stay tuned.

danger danger

April 12, 2008 by admin

Our project has been mentioned on the dangerfund website this morning. Go visit, and say how lovely an idea it is.

In the wild…

by admin

First two camera bags ready, originally uploaded by webponce.

So, even before I had my bacon sandwich this morning (don’t worry, i’ve had it now) I was up and out buying freezer bags for the cameras, making up the bags, and taking them out into the wild. The project has officially begun!

Whilst I was making the bags, I realised that the cameras may/will get seperated from the instruction cards – so i’ve made up little stickers for the cameras too. i might need to think more about that.

The first two, I was a bit chicken, so handed them to people rather than leaving them completely in the street/park etc. Part of this is to see what environments are more receptive to the idea. I’ll create a new page on the site which helps track which cameras have been left where, and if I’ve heard back about them.

First bag out today!

by admin

Woohoo! I’ve received the moo postcards today – I can’t stop myself from planting the first camera bag, so I’ll be putting one (maybe two) out in South London today (eep!). That means I also need to hurry up and put a link on the site where you can register the camera if you’ve seen found it somewhere.

the plug / stranger photos have happened

April 11, 2008 by admin

ade pointed me in the direction of this page where jay at the plug has done something similar to what we’re trying to acheive – with fantastic results. he tied a disposable camera to a park bench, with a message asking people to take photos, and then developed and published the results. perfect! check out the lovely images.

thanks to ade via photojojo

Writing instructions

April 7, 2008 by admin

postcard design

Okay – so I’ve done the first round of instruction cards.

I used to create the designs and then threw them into to create the postcards. They should be here this weekend – so I reckon we might get the first batch of cameras out on Monday!


fifty quid danger fund.

by admin

i’ve applied for a little cash to cover costs from the fifty quid danger fund. its a genius idea set up in order to support public art without the red tape of ‘risk averse committees’. paradoxically, i’ve also donated £50 to support other projects – which i could have just spent on the disposable memory project, but hey, i thought, give a little, get a little. Besides, its a great project, and even if i don’t get any moolah, it’ll be great to see money going to similar ‘risky’ work.

check out the site at

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