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Hello, we are still here!

November 9, 2014 by admin

It’s been a long while since we updated the project site, but not to worry, we’re still here and collecting cameras which are found across the planet. Keep posted for a project update coming soon!

After 500 cameras and 5 years…

August 25, 2013 by admin

… we’ve decided to close down the project.
Whilst we will still be updating the site with cameras which are found, we will no longer be generating new cameras for people to release into the wild.

We’ve had a great deal of fun running the project over the last five years, we’ve had amazing support from the community, and collectively, we’ve travelled to amazing places, met many wonderful people, and shared many wonderful stories, but in recent months, I’ve had so little time to look after the project, that it isn’t fair to keep people waiting for news on their cameras.

It was an experiment from the outset, we thought we’d release just ten cameras, and that scaled globally within months, all thanks to our community.

We’ll be doing a project wrap-up in the coming months, along with a summary of all of the images and stories, along with how you’ll be able to get involved in your own disposable camera projects in the future.

Matthew Knight
Project Founder and Curator.

500th camera

December 29, 2012 by admin

It’s a special milestone in the project’s history, we’ve just had the 500th camera released!

Thanks to everyone who continues to release and find cameras.
Check out #500 here, and perhaps try and find this special camera if you’re near Ohio!

Roadmap for 2012-2013

July 1, 2012 by admin

We’ve not been paying the project as much attention as we’d like over recent months, so in an attempt to get things moving again, we’ve started drawing up a list of internal roadmaps for features and functionality we’d like to add to the project in the next twelve months.

We think transparency is important, so wanted your comments and input into the process, as we aim to move the project into something which can continue to run without so much manual involvement from the team here. The aim is to eventually have a project which people can easily dip into without needing us to get involved, and we’ll just manage the returned images, developing the film, etc.

You can read and comment on our Roadmap here, or of course, let us know what you think on our Facebook group or Twitter account.

Guest contributor to 16HOURS magazine

March 1, 2012 by admin

We’re very excited to be contributing to 16HOURS, a beautiful independent magazine which we’ve been fans of since it launched.
The theme for Issue 04 is We Are Wild, and as part of our collaboration, 16HOURS have released a number of cameras into the project:

Camera 432: Gold Coast Airport, AUS, 21st Jan
Camera 433: Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast, AUS, 21st Jan
Camera 434: Starbucks Hyde Park, Sydney, 26th Jan
Camera 435: Sydney Olympic Park, AUS, 30th Jan
Camera 436: Bald Hill Lookout, Sydney South Coast, AUS, 28th Jan
Camera 437: Retro Wombat Thrift Store, Thirroul, AUS 29th Jan

We’ll be keeping an eagle eye on these cameras, as they travel around Australia.

The false-start of Camera 442

February 25, 2012 by admin

So, as part of Kodak’s support for our project at the end of last year, 25 cameras were sent to journalists across Europe.
Some of the recipients didn’t quite understand the project, and we had one camera which returned home completed by an individual, and another camera which came back straight away, but only half complete.

Fortunately, Andrew M very kindly offered to take the camera on, and re-release it, so it made its trip from London, to France, to London, and on to Canada, to restart its story.

Fingers crossed, as it heads on to Jamaica now, we’ll see this camera return home once again at some point soon!

Check out Camera 442 to follow its journey onwards.

Camera 441 released live on television

by admin

Well, this is a first! Camera 441 was released on live television!

Thanks to Owen for featuring the show on his Geekin’ Out slot, and as the host said, this is “Epic”!

Leo Laporte talks about The Disposable Memory Project

February 13, 2012 by admin

Leo Laporte and Chris Marquardt talk about The Disposable Memory Project on The Tech Guy on TWiT.TV

Seek forward to about 53:45, or listen to the whole podcast if you’ve got a spare couple of hours.

Leo was sent Camera 349, which travelled from the US to Antarctica in just a matter of a few weeks.

Phosphore magazine

January 24, 2012 by admin

Chloé very kindly took a picture of the recent article in Phosphore magazine, in France, AND translated the article for us. Amazing!

“The editorial staff loves…


It’s a crazy, unnecessary and great idea: leaving disposable cameras around the word , hoping, then, to recover the pictures of their journey. Since 2008, “The Disposable Memory Project” send cameras on a trip, like so many bottles in the see.
On, you can locate the cameras stashed in Aix, Amsterdam or Chamonix, propose to left one close to your home, or look at the pictures of the 30 cameras already returned from their trip. Snapshots (some successful, some… disposable), where you find a Gambian fisherman, Texas women covered with gold, or Winnie the Pooh at the South Pole… An amazing idea wich is waiting for you to grow, knowing that, of course, it’s better when the camera travels, often changes hands, and when yo do not photograph close-in your nostrils!”

Are you one of The 100?

January 16, 2012 by admin

For 2012, we’re launching a sister project: The 100.

We’re distributing 100 disposable cameras to 100 people, aged between 1 and 100, and asking them to capture a week in their life.
The cameras will be sent out over the course of the year, and the images posted on the new site over the next twelve months.

We’re calling for people who are interested in taking part in the project to sign up at the site, tell us how old you’ll be in 2012, and see if you get selected.

We’ve already introduced a few of The 100 to you via the project updates blog, but there are plenty of spaces left.

Also, we need help to find The 100. We have plenty of people signing up for the 20s and 30s, but need more of the older groups. If you have a grandmother or grandfather, or just know anyone who is between the ages of 60-100 and think they’d be interested in taking part, let us know.

We hope you follow the project over on the project site, but also twitter and facebook.

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