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Camera 88: Dropped off in Austin, Texas by Mark S. and found by Dan A. shortly after, then finished off by Cassie F.

  • Aug 5th, 2009 returned by Cassie F.

    Location: Disposable Memory Project HQ

    Returned to the Project for uploading.

  • Apr 27th, 2009 finished by Cassie F.

    Location: Austin, Texas, USA

    Received from Dan A. in Austin, TX

    Cassie F. says :

    I have camera 88!!! I love this idea first off! Dan came up to me and my friend at Eeyore’s birthday to take a picture of us (we were painted head to toe in silver and gold paint), then handed us the camera and told us to take some pictures and pass it on or go to the website and that’s exactly what I did

  • Apr 25th, 2009 found by Dan A.

    Location: Pease Park, Austin, Texas, USA

    Dan A. found this camera in the park after the original drop.

    Dan A. says :

    I found camera #88, Saturday, April 25, 2009, in Austin, Texas, USA at approximately 3:30 PM CDT. I found the camera in a Ziploc plastic bag, weighted down with rocks under some toadstool sculptures near Auditorium Shores on Riverside Drive. Me and a friend luckily were on our way to the annual Eeyore’s Birthday celebration at Pease Park which I was sure would make for some EXTREMELY interesting photographs!! I only took a few pics, the statue at the festival, and a couple of a few people, yes, the Glitter Girls, love you Goldie!!! I look forward to seeing the photos and hopefully participating in another one of these adventures. Kudos to you and your staff for creating such a great artistic endeavor!!

  • 135-1

    Apr 24th, 2009 released by Mark S.

    Location: Butler Park, Austin, Texas, USA

    Dropped by Mark S. in Austin, Texas, USA.

    Mark S. says :

    Camera 88 dropped in Butler Park. Austin, Texas. Fingers crossed. Photo count = 2

Camera Data

103 days
~4914 miles
Countries Visited

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