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Camera 506: Released at Titchfield Abbey

  • Apr 5th, 2013 found by User Unknown

    Location: Birmingham, England

    Taken on to Birmingham

    User Unknown says :

    Taken to Birmingham

  • All rights reserved © Cathy Griffiths

    Mar 26th, 2013 released by Cathy G

    Location: Titchfield Abbey, Hampshire, England

    Released at Titchfield Abbey

    Cathy G says :


    I released this camera today – details below.

    On a very cold grey day I released this camera and left it inside Titchfield Abbey. I often pass the abbey on the way home from our Fareham office and it’s the kind of place that I hope will attract photographers and start the camera on it’s journey.

    Looking forward to seeing it’s story.

Camera Data

3100 days
~115 miles
Countries Visited

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