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Camera 445: Found in Sidmouth, then left on a bench in Exeter, Devon, UK

  • Mar 12th, 2012 found by Celia

    Location: Topsham Quay, Exeter, Devon, England

    Found on park bench in Sidmouth, left by Topsham Quay

    Celia says :

    Camera found on park bench in The Byes, Sidmouth, Devon UK. 9 March 2012. photo no23: Ted the Jack,
    then 12 March 2012 photo no24: River Exe at Topsham, Exeter, Devon.
    Camera left on bench at Topsham Quay.

    Great idea !

  • sidmouth 1

    Mar 9th, 2012 found by Colin E

    Location: The Byes, Sidmouth, Devon, England

    Arrived in Sidmouth and was left in a picturesque spot

    Colin E says :

    I have just heard that camera 445 was left in The Byes, Sidmouth, Devon UK.

    It couldn’t have started from a more beautiful location, nor sent on its way by a more beautiful lady.

    This will be one very luck camera!


    Mar 2nd, 2012 released by Colin E

    Location: Sidmouth, Devon, England

    Sent by post to the next participant in Devon, England

    Colin E says :

    This camera, in fetching Boots Own Brand Purple, has been mailed today to my friend in Sidmouth Devon, just for fun.

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