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Camera 415: Released at The Mill House, in Odiham, Hampshire, UK and taken on to London, then Iceland

  • Aug 28th, 2012 finished by Þorkell E

    Location: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

    Found at the Blue Lagoon bar, Iceland

  • Feb 4th, 2012 found by Cameron A

    Location: Saint Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey, Surrey, England

    Found in a Hospital waiting room, in Surrey, UK

    Cameron A says :

    Found this camera in a hospital waiting room. I am going on a trip to Venice then Iceland. So hopefully take some photos then.

  • feb-4-2012-odiham

    Feb 3rd, 2012 found by Kelly R

    Location: London, England

    Taken on from Odiham to London, UK

    Kelly R says :


    We found your camera in The Mill House Pub in Odiham near Basingstoke. We took a picture of us doing our usual pub thing – a pint and a game of back gammon. I took the camera to work in London and (hopefully) got a nice picture of a tower at the Barbican Estate – a wonderful example of 60′s Brutalist architecture.

    I’ll pass the camera on when I have a good opportunity.

  • IMG_5465

    Jan 30th, 2012 released by Cathy G

    Location: Odiham, Hampshire, England

    Released at The Mill House, in Odiham, Hampshire, UK.

    Cathy G says :

    I have released my camera and there is a photo attached of where I left it.

    It was left at a pub/restaurant called The Mill House in Odiham, (which is where I live) nr Hook in Hampshire.

    I explained what it was to the staff who were all really excited about it being left there and at the end of our evening there I saw a couple with it at their table so hopefully it’s on it’s way on an interesting journey.

Camera Data

3521 days
~1225 miles
Countries Visited
Iceland England

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