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Camera 391: Released in the Centre of Britain, headed up to Scotland, and then on to Australia

  • Travelled via

    Location: Anketell, Western Australia, Australia

    Moves on to Anketell, Western Australia

  • Apr 20th, 2012 found by Scott R

    Location: Fremantle, Australia

    Taken on to Australia

    Scott R says :

    I’ve just returned from a holiday to Fremantle in Australia. I took a photo of former ACDC singer Bon Scott’s grave with camera 391 and then left it with my cousin Mandy Gilchrist who lives in Anketell, WA.

    I think they are planning to take it up country into northern Western Australia in the coming weeks.

  • Feb 12th, 2012 found by Scott R

    Location: Drumbeg, Sutherland, Scotland

    Found at the Drumbeg Hotel, Drumbeg, Scotland and headed on to Australia

    Scott R says :

    Given to me in Drumbeg Hotel, Drumbeg, Sutherland, Scotland. I’ll be taking it to Fremantle, Western Australia on 22nd March

  • IMG_4833-small

    Dec 9th, 2011 released by Heather A

    Location: Haltwhistle, England

    Released in the Centre of Britain, and heading towards Scotland

    Heather A says :

    Just a little note to let you know that Camera 391 began it’s journey in Haltwhistle (The Centre of Britain) yesterday and is now heading to Drumbeg in the Scottish Highlands!

Camera Data

3694 days
~9433 miles
Countries Visited
Australia Scotland England

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