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Camera 386: Created in Breitingen, Germany, travelled through Stockholm, Sweden, and heading for New York

  • Feb 17th, 2012 found by Merle M

    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Found in Stockholm, and travelled on a round the world trip, now heading towards New York

    Merle M says :

    My friend Anjuli has given me this camera 386 in Stockholm and took it a few snaps in London (27 Dec), then it went with me to Amsterdam, Netherlands (19 January), Ballito Bay, South Africa (24 January) and Cape Town, South Africa 28-29 January.  On the plane back to Amsterdam, I gave it to a guy on his way to New York.  With the reputation of stuff being stolen in SA I didn’t think It would ever be returned… therefore I passed it on instead  :o )
    Can’t wait to see the pics!!  Hopefully….

  • Travelled via

    Location: Cape Town, South Africa

    Travelled via Cape Town, South Africa

  • Travelled via

    Location: South Africa

    Travelled via Ballito Bay, South Africa

  • Travelled via

    Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Travelled via Amsterdam

  • Travelled via

    Location: London, England

    Travelled via London

  • Dec 6th, 2011 found by Anjuli R

    Location: Stockholm, Sweden

    Found in Stockholm, near the Stora Bahntorget

    Anjuli R says :

    I found a cam in Stockholm city. Close to the Stora Bahntorget park on a bench.

    Here the pictures I took:
    1. Sushi Dinner in Stockholms famous restaurant (dry ice effect)
    2. Me in my furjacket
    3. Human tiger tapes
    4. Me while coloring the hair
    5. A friend and I while our beautyday

    I gave it a friend who went to London…

  • Nov 16th, 2011 released by Andrej S

    Location: Breitingen, Germany

    Created in Breitingen, Germany by Andrej S

    Andrej S says :

    I received the cam at the 16.11.2011 in Breitingen, Germany and gave it to my girlfriend at the 03.12.11 in Stockholm, Sweden.

    I took 5 pictures. Some at my trip to Sweden.

    1) Me
    2) The cathedral of Ulm
    3) A Street kid I invited to lunch in Ulm near the cathedral
    4) Through the window of the “Arlanda Express” in Stockholm ,Sweden. Titel “205 km/h” I hope the pictures is good ^^.
    5) At the christmas market at Skansen, Stockholm ,Sweden. Three girls in front of a “Light Fall”.

Camera Data

3718 days
~1513 miles
Countries Visited
Netherlands South Africa England Sweden Germany

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