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Camera 365: Created in Budapest by Robert U, and taken on to Jerusalem, Israel via Berlin, Germany

  • Oct 16th, 2011 found by Robert U

    Location: Jerusalem, Israel

    Taken on to Jerusalem, Israel

    Robert U says :

    Then it went with me to Israel. Now it is in Nahlaot neighbourhood, Jerusalem, Israel.
    Will seek a cool looking person to pass it on to.

  • Oct 1st, 2011 found by Robert U

    Location: Berlin, Germany

    Taken on to Berlin, Germany

    Robert U says :

    In October 1 it traveled to Berlin, Germany, been with it around Kreuzbreg, Neukoln, Mitte and Prenzlauberg.
    took some photos of the city, of my friends Tamir and Gil, a gypsy-fusion concert in Moritzplatz flea market on sunday and of Templehof airport park lately opened in south Berlin.

  • Sep 28th, 2011 released by Robert U

    Location: Budapest, Hungary

    Created in Budapest by Robert U

    Robert U says :

    I purchased it in Budapest, Hungary on September 28th.
    I used it, along with my friends, Gil and Tout in Budapest, mostly in Pest city center.
    we took photos of the city, of ourselves, of people, most memorable is an old woman dressed beautifully with black and red. we took some pictures of street art and a street art festival we’ve been to on Regi Posta utca.

Camera Data

3763 days
~2229 miles
Countries Visited
Israel Germany Hungary

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