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Camera 299: Released in Sydney by Margaret Y. and found the same day by Andrew B

  • Sep 16th, 2010 found by Andrew B.

    Location: Sydney, Australia

    Found by Andrew B

  • Sep 15th, 2010 released by Margaret Y.

    Location: Sydney, Australia

    Released in Sydney by Margaret Y.

    Margaret Y. says :

    I got my unique code back in April and I never did anything about up until LAST NIGHT! Seeing as I am graduating from high school tomorrow, I decided to leave something cool behind..a disposable camera! so yeah… I left my camera at my school gates when I got an early leave and let whoever was next to walk out of the gate to pick it up and marvel in all its glory. haha. I have a photo of it..not that you can tell much from it, but it’s in safe hands now.. I watched the person pick it up..he’s a very nice boy (:

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