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Camera 233: One of the 29 Lomotion Singapore cameras picked up by Selina Z and being taken on to China by Jamie C.

  • Jan 7th, 2010 found by 丘小火

    Location: Taiwan

    Handed over in Taiwan

    丘小火 says :

    Picked up this camera on Dec 2009 from my brother’s wife Jamie at Taiwan. I had took two pictures of Taiwan about the Tropic of Cancer I will pass to my friend in American Evon L

  • Oct 23rd, 2009 found by Jamie C.

    Location: Singapore

    Being taken to China with Jamie C.

    Jamie C. says :

    Pick up this camera on 23th Oct 2009 from my friend Selina.

    Going to bring this camera along to China JiuZhaiGou with me and take a few shots
    Will pass to my brother-in-law when i come back…

  • Oct 10th, 2009 released by Selina Z

    Location: Singapore

    One of the 29 Lomotion Singapore cameras picked up by Selina Z

    Selina Z says :

    Pick up this camera on 10oct09… @ OnceUponAMilkshake
    Took about 5-6 shots so far…
    will be passing to a friend who will travel to Malaysia, China & even Taiwan…
    excited on how far this camera may travel…

Camera Data

4481 days
~0 miles
Countries Visited
Taiwan Singapore

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