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Camera 223: On a flight to Mexico from Washington DC

  • Oct 6th, 2009 released by Anna D.

    Location: 223

    Dropped off in a hotel on Playa Mujeres, Mexico by Anna D.

    Anna D. says :

    The camera was left on a post at the hotel Excellence Playa Mujeres in Mexico on Oct. 6 at/around 9:30 am CT. I was unable to take a pic of the drop, but I saw many people scoping it out! I hope someone picked it up. I took about 5-7 pics of the beach, my toes in the sand, and an iguana that I almost stepped on! But it was a little steamy out, so some of the pictures may have an interesting effect!

  • Sep 29th, 2009 released by Anna D.

    Location: Washington DC, USA

    On a flight to Mexico from Washington DC

    Anna D. says :

    As of Thursday, Oct.1, 7:30 AM Camera 223 is on a plane from DC to Mexico. Will take a few pics and pass on to another traveler :)

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4496 days
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223 USA

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