the disposable memory project

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we're leaving disposable cameras all over the world, for people to find, use and pass on, until they return home, so we can share their journeys and stories.

The Disposable Memory Project is a global photography experiment.

Since April 2008, we’ve been leaving disposable cameras in public locations around the world. Each camera contains a message, inviting its finder to pick up the camera, take some photos and then pass it on. At the end of its journey, the camera is returned home, and we upload the photos to share with its followers.

In the three years since that first camera, people across the globe have taken part, either through finding an existing camera, or creating a new one to introduce into the project. We’ve visited over 75 countries, released over 410 cameras, and travelled over 500,000 miles – that’s to the moon and back.

Of those 410 cameras, we’ve had 30 return home, with amazing images, stories and journeys, all of which you can see here.

Our project is not commercial, doesn’t aim to make any money, and has no goal other than wanting to get cameras into as many hands as possible, in order to see what stories are captured on their film.

If you’d like to know more about the project, check out the existing cameras, or read the blog to see what has been happening recently.

Press Enquiries

The project is a non-profit, community activity founded and curated by Matthew Knight in 2008. The community now has 1600 members across the globe.

Images are available for use in print or digital, upon request.

For more information on the project, or to speak to Matthew, please contact us on [email protected]