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we're leaving disposable cameras around the world. people are picking them up, taking a few photos and passing them on, eventually returning home - so we can tell their stories.

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Leo Laporte talks about The Disposable Memory Project

Leo Laporte and Chris Marquardt talk about The Disposable Memory Project on The Tech Guy on TWiT.TV

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Lost and Found

  • Camera 477 found on Feb 11th:

    Camera found in Basel after 200 days of no activity.

  • Camera 459 returned on Feb 2nd:

    Returned and uploaded to the Project

  • Camera 487 finished on Jan 7th:

    Found and finished in Frederiksted

  • Camera 503 released on Jan 5th:

    Released in Salem, Oregon

  • Camera 502 released on Jan 1st:

    Released at Vapiano, Taipei

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  • Jezreel
    let me have it! I want to be a part of the camera's journey!

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