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Space – the next frontier?

March 25, 2011 by admin


I’d imagine there are few people on the planet who haven’t thought about travelling into space at some point – I know as a kid, I was fascinated by space travel, and still now as an adult, viewing rocket launches online, reading about the planets and watching Prof. Brian Cox’s Wonders of the Universe still blows my mind. After the almost three years of running the project – we’ve reached a point where space is the logical next step. We’ve released cameras which have reached the South Pole, Everest, and travelled collectively hundreds of thousands of miles – so the next challenge for us has to be getting a camera in to space.

We took a step closer to that this year, with Camera 310, created by Steve B. in Piedmont CA, which travelled on to Kazakhstan to watch the launch of three cosmonauts to the International Space Station, and was then handed over to NASA Astronaut Robert L. Satcher (or @astro_bones to his twitter followers).

We’ve yet to hear back from @astro_bones – but needless to say, the possibility of one of our cameras hanging around with the talented scientists and engineers of NASA, whether it gets sent into orbit or not, is pretty exciting. Check out the Camera 310 page

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