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Camera 24 returns home after two and a half years of travel

March 23, 2011 by admin

Camera 24 was one of the early cameras, released way back in August 2008, and today, after almost 1000 days of travelling, over 26,000 miles, not including the return trip to the UK, after passing through at least six different people on its way, it has returned home full of images of happy people in the sun.

Nick H, who released the camera, had this to say:

“Woohoo! About time too…”

Fair point, well made Nick.

The camera has travelled from London, and on to the Philippines and then Hong Kong, after which it seemed to return to the UK and lay dormant for about one year. It then was reborn, and travelled on to Australia via Indonesia, and finally back to the UK for processing.

We’re especially proud of cameras which come home after long journeys, whether in time, or across space – and Camera 24 has done both, so thanks to everyone who was involved in the camera’s journey. Please let us know if you recognise any of the people or places in the images, so we can tell more of the story behind the pictures.

View the Camera 24 page here.

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