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March 13, 2010 by admin

More details on the journey of the camera that could.. Camera 159, our arctic explorer.
Sam has written in to tell us about his part in its journey:

I picked up the camera at a lakeside camp on the Greenland Ice Sheet from Sally Reid. It then travelled with me to Greenland’s second largest town, Sisimuit, by foot, canoe and a small hitch on a quad bike. In Sisimuit I joined a sailing boat bound north and explored the fjords and outlet glaciers surrounding Illullsiat and Ummannaq whilst carrying out glacio-oceanographic research with an international team of scientists and climbers. The camera came with me on two climbing trips. One on Ummannaq Island and the other up a 2280 m mountain – likely the highest in the area and to be aptly named the Greenlandic translation of ‘the peak of clearing clouds’. In September, Camera159 returned to Kangerlussuaq and back on to the Ice Sheet; now cold, and frozen whilst we over-wintered our instruments. Following this it headed South – to the Antarctic Peninsula, as part of a research project on Rutford Ice Stream. Here, I passed the camera on to a lad called Mike Stainer who was escorting Winnie the Pooh around on a guided tour in a large, red plane. I look forward to seeing the photos developed.

Neither can we! Thanks for the update Sam.

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