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Introducing Jon

August 4, 2009 by admin


We’ve recently welcomed Jon C. to the Disposable Memory Project curation team. Jon is one of our earliest supporters, and he’s on board to help out responding to people’s questions, updating the site, and generally being super useful. We’ve asked him to introduce himself below.

Hi I’m Jon. I’ve been asked by Matthew to become a community admin for the project.

I’ve been following the Disposable Memory Project right from the very beginning when Matthew announced he was starting it on Twitter. I really liked the idea that pictures can tell a story, and with the project, one camera can tell a few stories.

I asked Matthew if there was the possibility to get involved as someone who dropped cameras. I have to admit that after asking it took me a year to make my first drops but once I started that was it. I made some drops in Paris while on Holiday and when I got back give some cameras to friends in Glasgow to pass around their respective companies.

Since then I dropped Camera 99 at Developer! Developer! Developer! Scotland, a Developers (If you’d not guessed!) Conference in Scotland. I wanted to do something a little different with this camera so I asked the guys at the conference to pass it about and finish it during the day. I received the camera back at about 9pm and sent it back in to the project..

More recently I have passed cameras on to friends to start as well as drop. Dave C took some cameras over to Bali with him and Zev has just received Camera 186 just before he leaves for a tour in West Bali.

I love the project because of it’s random nature. Everyone sees the camera as a part of life but I rarely give my camera to someone else for them to take pictures with. With the Disposable Memory Project I get to connect myself to other people and places and seeing the updates I feel like I’m travelling with the camera.

You can reach Jon at [email protected]

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