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Dollar Store camera exhibition

August 27, 2009 by admin


We’ve had an email from Matt Foote, of our very first camera to return home, telling us about an exhibition he’s put together after being involved in our project:

Having been directly inspired by the Disposable Memory Project, I am hanging a show of disposable camera photos at the September art show at the Gallery At The End Of The World.
Appropriate, as that is the gallery where I received my first DMP camera, which subsequently became the very first one to return home.

This show, specifically, was done using the very cheapest, flimsiest, “Dollar Store” cameras that I could find. No flash, no fancy gadgets. They’re so cheap, they’re housed in paperboard packaging instead of plastic. And the photo quality is generally just awful– murky and dodgy, almost like a pinhole camera. But with the right framing and light-oriented composition, they can produce beautiful, if rough, images.

We totally agree, the images from the cameras are wonderful and have a beautiful quality to them. If you’re in the Altadena area of California, do try and get to Matt’s show. He’ll also be releasing another camera for us there.

For the exhibit, I’m also going to launch a new camera by having the bag attached to my wall. We’ll see who has the stones to unpin the camera bag from the exhibition wall and walk away with it…

Contact us or the Gallery for more details on the show

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