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200th Camera milestone is near

August 15, 2009 by admin

We’re approaching our big milestone of 200 cameras being released, and to celebrate, we’ll be giving a little prize to the person who drops our 200th camera.

If you’ve already got a camera code and haven’t dropped a camera yet, now is a perfect time to do it.
If you’ve not got a camera code yet, sign up here, and we’ll send you instructions on how to create your own camera drop.

The rules are pretty simple to enter:
1. Create a camera and drop it somewhere / hand it over to someone else
2. Take a photo of your drop/handover
3. Email us with details of the camera, and if you’re the 200th to be posted on the site – you’ll win!

The prize is something in keeping with the project, and just a way of saying thanks for helping us reach our 200th Camera dropped. We’ll be posting a longer blog entry at 200 with a review of the project to date.

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