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Possible Camera 32 contender?

June 8, 2009 by admin

If you’ve been following the project, you’ll know that one of our cameras has already made its way to Everest Basecamp with Monika A. a few months ago, and we’ve had a number of great suggestions from people as to where we could drop cameras for the coveted ‘Camera 32‘ title. One of the possible Camera 32 entrants is Sally R. who will be travelling to the Arctic later this month, with a couple of our cameras in tow. We’re going to be following Sally’s trip to the north of the planet via the blog and camera page once it has been setup. Here is a little bit on Sally’s trip.

We will fly via Copenhagen to Greenland where we are being airlifted by helicopter to the ice sheets to camp out and do hydrological field work. Along the way we will be staying at an international scientific research station in the Arctic, and also a youth hostel for a few days at the end of the trip in Kangerlussuaq in West Greenland while we do a bit of kayaking, hiking etc. It was here that I thought there would be good opportunity to leave/pass on cameras to interesting people.

Really looking forward to hearing from Sally on her journey, and a little more about what she does over the course of the next few months.

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