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We need your help! Local Teams

May 25, 2009 by admin

One of the big problems we face with getting cameras home, is that they need to be sent via the postal service (we like to handle developing the films ourselves, as we take them to a good lab to make sure we get the most out of the images – disposable cameras have a habit of being a bit dodgy quality!) back home to London. This is quite a big ask for people, and whilst we are happy to cover all the costs of getting that camera home, sometimes organising an international package can be a pain.

So, we’re asking for volunteers to act as local representatives of the project. We’d like to find people in the following areas who would be willing to act as a local address where people can send their cameras:

West Coast USA
East Coast USA

What would be involved?
Nothing immediately, but when a camera is finished in the same country as you, we’ll provide the person who currently holds the camera with your address. They’d drop the camera in the post to you, and then you’d send it on to us. We’ll cover all of your costs of getting the parcel to us, and you’d have our eternal gratitude!

How often do I need to go to the post office?
Very rarely. We currently have only 9 cameras out of 120 or so – its unlikely you’d need to do it any more than two or three times a year. If this changes, you can always opt-out of the project, and we’d still be friends! :)

Okay, I’m up for that
Cool – email us at [email protected] and we’ll sort out the details!

Also, if you have any ideas on how to make the project easier for people to return cameras, do let us know – we’re happy to consider all suggestions!

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