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More about Camera 38

May 14, 2009 by admin

Image from Camera 38

Andrew G, who returned Camera 38, has told us a little more about the images from his camera:

The camera I sent you before is a mixed bag of shots. There’s the visit to the strange performance with backstage antics at the Boston Arms, then the drunken walk home shooting skulking cats and abandoned fridges. There’s a couple of my teething baby with her old Fisher Price camera.

The visit to Cambodia was work. I was DP for a doc called Manin, about an orphan growing up in Pom Pehn. I shot most of the images riding about in a Tuk Tuk because I was shooting video constantly the rest of the time.

One or two of the visit to the orphanage are special. I snapped these at sunset on the last day of shooting. Some of the kids were flicking the light from the sun at each other with little vanity mirrors.
One of the children, I called her Zami (the little girl in red pajamas) decided to start shining the light into my eyes from across the yard. So I played a along by dodging in and out of the pillars to hide and snapped the last couple of shots on the roll as I did so. The little girl’s parents had died in a housefire two weeks before but she was so full of life you couldn’t help liking her.

She was always laughing or sharing a visual joke like this ( I couldn’t speak Khmer nor she English ) and we’d become quite good friends on my frequent visits there to shoot.
So I find that shot of her very poignant and beautiful.

Andrew has also recently returned from North America and dropped a number of new cameras for us: Camera 119 and Camera 120.

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