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New site, New server, New you!

March 26, 2009 by admin

You may have noticed that we’ve had a little tidy up around here, and redesigned the site. We felt that the old design wasn’t doing justice to the wonderful images we have back from the three cameras returned, so the digital elves toiled night and day to create this vision you see before you.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new site, but we don’t have commenting setup properly yet – so please drop us an email (details are on the contact page), in our facebook group, flickr group or send us a message on twitter. We’re all over the internets!

In other news, the project is going on holiday next week, hand delivering some cameras to south america, so apologies if you write to us and don’t hear back for a little while!

Camera 47 has returned

March 17, 2009 by admin

The images for Camera 47 are now online, and they are just wonderful!

The camera has travelled from London to Cornwall, and then on to Thailand and Cambodia, returning home this month for processing.

Thanks to Nicky and Linda G for this camera. I’m off to dance a merry jig!

Camera 59 from the finders of Camera 22

March 15, 2009 by admin

Kris and Matt, the wonderful people who brought Camera 22 home last year, have released their own camera in San Luis Obispo, California, USA.

They say:

After taking a couple of pics with the new camera, Matt handed the camera off to one of the writers at the New Times newspaper.

Thanks guys! Let’s hope your camera is as successful as the one you found!


by admin

Tim from I left this here for you to read sent us a link to this project in Canada – Photochaining, where participants are asked to leave digital memory cards around, in the hope they’ll be picked up and passed on.

The great thing about this medium is that the people who find the cards can immediately post an image from the card showing the images and the card’s progress as it travels, rather than our more laid back ‘fingers crossed with patience’ approach!

It is so easy to take part in, so go over and have a read, buy yourself a memory card, and get snapping! (Although don’t forget to get involved in our project too!)

March Update

by admin

A bumper update for you today, so lets start from the top

Camera 54 and Camera 55: Dropped off in Peckham, London, along with a couple of shots of the drop.

Camera 56 was left in the bar at the Shaston Arms near Carnaby Street, London by me.

Camera 57 was handed over to Lea S after I met her in the Slaughtered Lamb near Clerkenwell, London. The camera has already been passed on and is making its way to Brazil!

Camera 58 has been dropped off in Bucharest, Romania by Dominique P, who also dropped off one of the really early cameras in Germany.

Updates from existing cameras which are moving around:

Camera 53: Dropped off by Jason T back in February, has been found by Rebecca, who picked it up from its original location in Cookeville TN, USA

And returning home..

Camera 47 is winging its way back to us. Linda G, wrote to us and said:

It started in London then took it to Thailand and Cambodia and back to Cornwall. Looks as if these are the in places to visit this year.

Clearly, our cameras are in the hottest locations in the world!

Toy Cameras

by admin

, originally uploaded by cookie poppets.

Awesome collection of images from toy and lo-res digital cameras from Cookie_Poppets, who has recently joined the project.

It shows that you don’t need a £1000 camera to take awesome shots, just an eye for detail, a flair for the unusual, and not being embarrassed walking around with a giant fisher price piece of plastic.

Camera 47 and Camera 38

March 7, 2009 by admin

An update from two cameras today, Camera 47 and Camera 38:

Camera 47 has checked in after travelling around 12,500 miles already on its journey. Nicky G of Monster Munch has sent us this update:

the camera is back from thailand. it went to cambodia too, and around with one of the local tour guides to some villages. there were a few stories i heard. i’ll find out the details! it’s back in cornwall..

My mum had a brilliant time with the camera. She said it was great having a little project to do, and she met loads of people doing it. My dad got accosted by a lady boy in cambodia. I wish they’d given him the camera! haha

Wonderful stories from this camera already… although I’m not sure how I’ll explain some of the images when they get developed to the people at the photo lab! ;)

Completely coincidentally, Camera 38, which was originally left in London at the bar downstairs at the Great Queen Street restaurant has also been to Asia. Andrew G who found the camera in London gave us this update:

I took a few shots in london and then I decided to take it with me to cambodia where I’ve finished off the roll. Will post it off when I get back later in the month. Hope the camera can stand the heat.

Thanks for the updates guys, and looking forward to seeing the images!

Images from Camera 22 are Online!

March 4, 2009 by admin

24A_0017, originally uploaded by Disposable Memory Project.

Images from Camera 22 are now online and available for viewing at Flickr. Thanks to everyone who took part in this camera.

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