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Camera 47 from Cornwall to Thailand?

February 1, 2009 by admin

Nicky G. has written in to tell us about the camera which we sent her earlier in January:

It went to Cornwall and back, but the seal wasn’t broken, as we didn’t meet any other humans during those three days. I was tempted to leave it down at the beach but i thought the sea spray might finish it!

So it’s on it’s merry way ( well arrived by now ) on a trip to Thailand, and possibly Cambodia. We’ll see.

The first photo is of me and my dad playing table football in Kick bar. So not too tropical a start. But i reckon there’ll be some winter sun action soon. My Mum knows a Burmese lady that they usually meet up with, so it may well end up with her for a bit. Interesting to see where it goes.

Very tropical indeed, here’s hoping we hear back from Camera 47, which has been added to the tracker and maps. Nicky runs the excellent site, which is chocked full of lovely things, not least sock monsters. Go say hello.

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