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Camera 22 completed and on its way home

February 19, 2009 by admin

An image of its journey

We’ve had some great news today, Ada V sent us a couple of emails, firstly to say she’d found Camera 22:

I found camera pico2 in the townhall of Heemstede.
I took some photographs from the ladies i work with
Even one off them had her birthday at that time!

and then, pretty soon after, upon realising the camera was all finished, she contacted us again to find out how to get the camera home. Fingers crossed, we’ll have the camera back in a few weeks, and we’ll develop the images and share them.

This camera started its life in a classic fashion as a ‘true’ drop, left in the main auditorium at the Picnic 08 conference in the Westerpark, Amsterdam. Some months after, it was picked up and moved to Haarlem by H.M. After this, the camera apparantly made its way to Rotterdam, and then back Haarlem, to Eliane W. who found the camera in her office having it passed over by one of her clients. The camera then found its way south to Heemstede, where Ada V. found it in the Town Hall. Ada, of course, then sent the camera back to us for processing.

You can see its journey on the Camera Tracker page for Camera 22, and we’ll be posting the images up there when we have them developed.

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