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Images from Nashville, Kylie Minogue and South America

January 10, 2009 by admin

Richard has posted a handful of images of his two camera drops in Nashville, which you can see now in our flickr group tagged with Camera 33, and Camera 34. Thanks for those, not to mention the lovely self-portrait!

Our Chamonix camera, Camera 35, apparently shared the resort with mini-celeb Kylie Minogue. Joanna D says:

Kylie was there at the same time as us, maybe she picked it up?

So not only is it our highest camera to date, but may also fall into the hands of the pop starlet. To be featured in Hello! magazine, perhaps?

Also, Camera 25, which started its life in London, is now very possibly in Argentina, having already been passed on by Isabel in San Fran. Are you the lucky recipient? Write in and let us know.

Update: Richard is keeping track of his cameras at his blog also:

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