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Cameras 36, 37 and 38 (plus 39 and 40)

January 15, 2009 by admin

Quick update on some new cameras which have gone out:

Camera 36: Dropped off in Ankara, Turkey by Barry D (of Chamonix/Kylie and Gaudi Cathedral fame) – handed over to a Phd student. Hoping for some pics of that exchange soon!

Camera 37: Handed over to Andy DG in the bar in Great Queen Street, unsurprisingly on Great Queen Street, London.

Camera 38: Handed over to the barman also at the Great Queen Street, who promptly left it on the bar, and an Irish bloke picked it up before the end of the evening, and we got chatting about the project.

Cameras 39 & 40: Handed over to Kirsty who was visiting SI Camp as part of her work for the Child’s i Foundation last night. Waiting to hear back on those.

This brings us dangerously close 50 cameras, half way to our initial target to release. Fancy helping out and getting more cameras out there? Let us know at the Make Your Own! page.

ps. if you haven’t been to the Great Queen Street, and you get an opportunity to, do! They serve the most amazing food, being the sister of the legendary Anchor and Hope in Waterloo.

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