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Camera 29 – More about Image 1

January 16, 2009 by admin

Camera 29:021_25A, originally uploaded by Disposable Memory Project.

We’ve had an email from Mike, who found Camera 29 after its drop in Venice Beach. He’s provided us a bit more information about the first and second images on the roll:

My name’s mike I found the camera on a park bench along the water at Venice Beach. My dad was in town from TX and he and I were doing a long bike ride from Pacific Palisades to Hollywood. The first pic is of the two of us. He was very intrigued by the project.

Camera 29:017_1

I took a picture of my rabbit Buddy Hollywood, then dropped the camera off at my group art show in Pasadena that night. Someone else took pix of the show.

What a great idea, I am so pleased it worked out!

Thanks for the update Mike, and if you know any of the people in the other images from Camera 29, please let us know.

Update: Mike sent us even more info about the later pictures on the roll, and its journey:

Camera 29:008_9A

Btw The camera made it from Venice, ca to pasadena, ca then it made it’s way almost to the state line. Those windmills are on the way to palm springs.

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