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Camera 45 gets found (already!)

January 19, 2009 by admin

Having only just posted about Camera 45 being dropped off at the Horniman Museum, we’ve already had an email from Juliette who promptly picked up the camera, clearly not long after its creation:

We were there and found your camera! My five year old took some random photos of the displays and then we left the camera back in it’s bag on the seat for someone else to have a go. I really hope it gets back to you!

ps the security guard was watching but didn’t seem to interested or that bothered. I even half thought that maybe it was him who had left it!

We hope it gets back too – and if you’re reading this, Mr. Security Man, take a few photos too! Thanks Juliette for writing in, and Hilary for the drop.

Camera 45 gets stuffed

by admin

Disposable memory #1, originally uploaded by cowbite.

Camera 45 has been dropped off by Hilary P on Sunday morning:

“in the stuffed animal gallery at the horniman museum”

If you were doing a bit of culture at the wonderful Horniman Museum near Dulwich in London on Sunday, did you pick it up? Or did the security guard whisk it away before someone got a chance. Let us know!

Thanks Hilary.

Cameras 42, 43 and 44

by admin

Cameras 42, 43 and 44 were dropped off on Saturday in California, two in Disneyland, thanks to Riley L for these. You can see the images of the drop in the Flickr group.

Camera 29 – More about Image 1

January 16, 2009 by admin

Camera 29:021_25A, originally uploaded by Disposable Memory Project.

We’ve had an email from Mike, who found Camera 29 after its drop in Venice Beach. He’s provided us a bit more information about the first and second images on the roll:

My name’s mike I found the camera on a park bench along the water at Venice Beach. My dad was in town from TX and he and I were doing a long bike ride from Pacific Palisades to Hollywood. The first pic is of the two of us. He was very intrigued by the project.

Camera 29:017_1

I took a picture of my rabbit Buddy Hollywood, then dropped the camera off at my group art show in Pasadena that night. Someone else took pix of the show.

What a great idea, I am so pleased it worked out!

Thanks for the update Mike, and if you know any of the people in the other images from Camera 29, please let us know.

Update: Mike sent us even more info about the later pictures on the roll, and its journey:

Camera 29:008_9A

Btw The camera made it from Venice, ca to pasadena, ca then it made it’s way almost to the state line. Those windmills are on the way to palm springs.

Cameras 36, 37 and 38 (plus 39 and 40)

January 15, 2009 by admin

Quick update on some new cameras which have gone out:

Camera 36: Dropped off in Ankara, Turkey by Barry D (of Chamonix/Kylie and Gaudi Cathedral fame) – handed over to a Phd student. Hoping for some pics of that exchange soon!

Camera 37: Handed over to Andy DG in the bar in Great Queen Street, unsurprisingly on Great Queen Street, London.

Camera 38: Handed over to the barman also at the Great Queen Street, who promptly left it on the bar, and an Irish bloke picked it up before the end of the evening, and we got chatting about the project.

Cameras 39 & 40: Handed over to Kirsty who was visiting SI Camp as part of her work for the Child’s i Foundation last night. Waiting to hear back on those.

This brings us dangerously close 50 cameras, half way to our initial target to release. Fancy helping out and getting more cameras out there? Let us know at the Make Your Own! page.

ps. if you haven’t been to the Great Queen Street, and you get an opportunity to, do! They serve the most amazing food, being the sister of the legendary Anchor and Hope in Waterloo.

Camera 29 images are online!

January 13, 2009 by admin

Camera 29:018_2, originally uploaded by Disposable Memory Project.

Whoo! The images from our very first camera to be returned are now online in the flickr group:

Thanks to Melanie for creating the camera, and BlazeNFoote for sending it back, as well as everyone who featured in the images. We’ll be making more of the images on the Camera 29 page in due course.

If you took any of the photos, or appear in them, or can even help us identify location, email us, or comment on the images in flickr or below, and we’ll update the images to help tell their story.

Camera 29:021_25A by Disposable Memory Project
Camera 29:020_24A by Disposable Memory Project
Camera 29:019_4 by Disposable Memory Project
Camera 29:018_2 by Disposable Memory Project
Camera 29:017_1 by Disposable Memory Project
Camera 29:016_16A by Disposable Memory Project
Camera 29:015_17A by Disposable Memory Project
Camera 29:014_18A by Disposable Memory Project
Camera 29:013_11A by Disposable Memory Project
Camera 29:012_12A by Disposable Memory Project
Camera 29:011_13A by Disposable Memory Project
Camera 29:005_5A by Disposable Memory Project
Camera 29:004_00A by Disposable Memory Project
Camera 29:003_0A by Disposable Memory Project
Camera 29:002_1A by Disposable Memory Project
Camera 29:001_2A by Disposable Memory Project

Images from Nashville, Kylie Minogue and South America

January 10, 2009 by admin

Richard has posted a handful of images of his two camera drops in Nashville, which you can see now in our flickr group tagged with Camera 33, and Camera 34. Thanks for those, not to mention the lovely self-portrait!

Our Chamonix camera, Camera 35, apparently shared the resort with mini-celeb Kylie Minogue. Joanna D says:

Kylie was there at the same time as us, maybe she picked it up?

So not only is it our highest camera to date, but may also fall into the hands of the pop starlet. To be featured in Hello! magazine, perhaps?

Also, Camera 25, which started its life in London, is now very possibly in Argentina, having already been passed on by Isabel in San Fran. Are you the lucky recipient? Write in and let us know.

Update: Richard is keeping track of his cameras at his blog also:

Cameras 32, 33, 34, 35 dropped off.

January 8, 2009 by admin

Camera 35 in Chamonix, originally uploaded by webponce.

A bumper bonanza batch of cameras today for you.

Camera 26: Dropped off in St Ives by Simon A: “Finally got going on this – took some pictures of Porthmeor beach in St Ives then left it on a smart mini cooper in the Island car park there. Fingers crossed”

Camera 33 and 34: Dropped off in Nashville, Tennessee by Richard C: “I got one dropped before the rain began, hopefully it was picked up before it got bad. Once it stops I will get the other camera put out. We got like 4 or 5 inches the last few days.”

Camera 35: Dropped off in a ski lift in Chamonix by Barry and Joanna D – i reckon this is our ‘highest’ camera yet!

Thanks guys!

Camera 31 is 2009′s first

January 4, 2009 by admin

Our first camera of the new year is dropped off by Sarah S. in Las Vegas:

I passed it on to a couple I met in Margaritaville on the Las Vegas strip at a TripAdvisor meet and greet, and I’ve checked his screen name and they’re from Philadelphia. He did mention something about knowing people who were travelling to Aruba soon, so maybe it’ll get passed to them.

Thanks Sarah, and welcome to the community!
And if you’re the couple who have the camera now, let us know where you are, and we’ll add you to the map!

Matt and Kris with Camera 29

January 2, 2009 by admin

Matt and Kris, originally uploaded by webponce.

Happy New Year! and a great start to the year.

Our first camera is on its long journey back home from Matt and Kris, who posted a few  images of themselves with the cam (and fish, and cats ;)

When the images are developed, we will, of course, be posting them to flickr and writing up the full story on the site.

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