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Knicker Exchange

December 12, 2008 by admin

A big part of the project is inviting people around the world to take part by creating their own camera bags. We have a number of fantastic people who have signed up to help out – their reasons for getting involved as are varied as the locations they write to us from.

Tracy, who very recently agreed to take part, told us about another ‘pass it on’ type project she’d been involved in before, although using slightly different medium:

Just for fun – I took part in a fun project many, many, years ago called the “nicker exchange” which was a sort of like a chain letter when you joined you had to buy a pair of nickers in the persons size who was at the top of the chain letter and then send it in the post to the person at the top of the chain, who received a lovely pair of NEW drawers in the post every couple of days.

Glad to see ideas come in all shapes and sizes! You’ll see Tracy’s camera on the website in the next few weeks

I would love to pass the camera around and have people take pictures of their favourite pair of shoes, the camera could also travel around the world as I have many friends that travel

Welcome to Tracy and all of the wonderful people who have already created camera bags for us, or are in the process of doing so.

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