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Camera 29 is returning home!

December 29, 2008 by admin

Camera 29, ready for its jourmey into the world

Crikey. I was expecting to have a fairly run-of-the-mill Christmas this year, the best present I was given (apart from being able to spend time with my family, of course) was an email from Matt and Kris in Tucson, Arizona in the US:

I was in Altadena, CA for an art show that my girlfriend and I were in at the Gallery At The End Of The World. One of the other artists in the show had seen one of the bags saying “Please pick me up” and had brought the camera to the gallery. He took a few pics with it and a few of the other artists as well, and then since my girlfriend and I were headed back to Tucson, AZ at the end of that weekend, we brought the camera with us and took a few pics along the way. There were only a few pics left on it, and it is now finished, so we would like to get it back to you…

Fantastic news! Camera 29 was released into the wild less than one month ago by Melanie A. at Venice Beach, but has clearly already found a number of kind new owners who entered into the spirit of the project.

The camera is now winging its way back to me, and as soon as I have the camera, it will be developed and we’ll get the images online as soon as possible. We’re really chuffed about our first complete camera, and can’t wait to see the images. Thanks to Melanie and of course Kris and Matt, and anyone else who picked up Camera 29 along the way.

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