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Camera’s 25, 26 and 27 into the Winter’s night.

December 6, 2008 by admin

Video Blog above, but for those of you who can’t see the video, here’s the text only version.
First of all, some updates on new cameras being sent out in to the wild:

Camera 25, which brings us up to our quarter century, was given out over a meal of Ox Heart and Snails in East Dulwich on Wednesday night to Amy T.

Camera 26 was handed over to Simon A, after I met him at the Spectator dinner for a charity I’m involved in.

Camera 27 was a DIY camera bag created by Barry D in Liverpool, and has been hand-carried to Barcelona and dropped off at the Sagrada Familia. We’re awaiting more news on the drop off point.

In other news, we’re changed the instructions on the cards included in the camera bags, as well as on the cameras. The new wording attempts to bring people to the website if they find a camera, so more emphasis on letting us know where you’ve found cameras. Hopefully this will make more people respond when they find a camera. We’ve also made each URL on the camera unique, so we can get an idea if people are visiting the site, but not telling us, so at least we know our little disposables have found a new owner. If you are creating your own camera bags, don’t forget to tell us, so we can give you a unique code, so you’re able put this on your camera and make the most of the new tracking.

Thumbs up to Moo Stickers

And finally (always the light hearted story), we’ve been blogged about by the lovely people at, who think our project is right up their street. Yay! to use a moo phrase. We love moo, and use them for the postcards you’ll find with the cameras – but also now we have lovely Disposable Memory Project stickers containing our kinda logo thingy – a play on the Keep Britain Tidy man, but ours is tossing away a camera. I’ll be putting a handful of stickers in each camera bag, so feel free to plaster yourself with them.

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