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The Amsterdam Five

November 1, 2008 by admin

Matt Jones, also of Dopplr, at Picnic

Apologies for not writing this up sooner – but I’ve recently started a new job which has been taking up most of my life. An update on the Amsterdam Five which were left whilst I was attending Picnic 08:

Camera 18 – handed over to Boris from Dopplr, who I managed to corner whilst he was standing waiting for a coffee. Dopplr is an awesome application which tracks your movements around the globe, so it a wonderful kindred spirit to our project. Matt Jones, also of Dopplr, presented an interesting talk on ‘the emerging realtime social web’. Here’s hoping that it makes its way around the world with one of the people from there.

Camera 19 – given to Andy B, who is a friend of mine from adidas, based in Amsterdam.

Camera 20 – given to Remko, who was also attending the Picnic 08 conference, seen here as the proud owner of the new camera.

Camera 21 – handed over to Gemma B, who works at de-construct amsterdam, and is a keen traveller herself.

Camera 22 – we went back to the original spirit of the project and left this one in plain site in the main auditorium on the last day of Picnic. It had already disappeared by the time I walked past it an hour later, so let’s hope we hear back.

Don’t forget to let us know if you picked up these cameras!

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