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Disposable Camera #20

September 25, 2008 by admin

Disposable Camera #20, originally uploaded by webponce.

As promised, I’m giving out cameras at this year’s picnic in Amsterdam. I don’t have time to update the site, and I still have two to give away, but i’ll post details on the weekend once I’m back in the UK, and my brain has had time to breath. Above is Remko, the proud owner of Camera #20, which of course marks a milestone in the project. Now we’re telling people the DMP story, explaining what we’re doing, its really nice to see a reaction to the concept, generally a pleasant one. Oddly enough, the second thing people usually say, after “nice idea” is “ooh! i know exactly where i’m going to pass it on!”. I just hope that the tradition of passing on the story from person to person works, and the spirit of the project passes on with it, without losing energy. The people at Picnic are creative and interesting types, so I hope for good responses from these cameras!

going for a picnic

September 23, 2008 by admin

I’m writing this whilst waiting for my flight to Amsterdam, and sitting in my bag are five disposable cameras, ready to be distributed at this year’s Pinic conference.

If you are one of the few followers of the site, and even more strangely you are going too, drop me a line via the site, and I’ll hook you up with a camera. Otherwise, they’ll be given out over the next few days. I’ll post images of the recipients so you can share in the experience!

Camera 13 goes to Burning Man.

September 11, 2008 by admin

Camera 13 has checked in with an update. Ben M took his camera to the Nevada festival last month, and handed it over:

I gave it to a girl from Oregon called Tibet who was dressed in saucy nurses outfit in the Kinko’s tent in Black Rock City, Nevada (The temporary city created each year for Burning Man). The Kinko’s tent took pictures of people and printed them out to created postcards so it seemed rather apt to pass it on to someone there.

We’ve given Camera 13 its own page.

Camera 16 and 17 released.

by admin

Fred, loving his DMPC, originally uploaded by webponce.

My good friend and ex-business partner Fred and I (plus our lovely wives) had dinner tonight near Smithfields Market in East London. I can’t believe I’d not given him a camera yet, so I rectified that this evening, providing Fred with Camera 16 and his wife Camera 17. Stay tuned for updates as to the most recent four cameras and their whereabouts.


September 9, 2008 by admin

An image of an image of the group.

I’ve just setup a flickr group, which will eventually hold all of the images related to the project. Currently there are a couple of images from Eric S’s drop in San Fran, and of course the lovely postcards.

You can see the group here, and email us if you want to post some images to it.

I’ve updated the site this morning, as I’d forgotten that I gave a camera to Ben M a few weeks back. Waiting for an update from him. I’m also releasing two more today, one to Anna G. and one to Andrew S. I’ll try and remember to get photos from the handover!

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