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Camera 5 checks in.

August 12, 2008 by admin

Great news!
Camera 5, which was dropped off in Berlin by Kirsty S, has been found!

Janosch E emailed us this morning to let us know he’d found the camera:

“I got the camera no. 5 at Starbucks Kochstr. and brought it to Lisbon/Portugal.
I took some pictures at Bairro Alto and passed it on to some australian guys.”

Wonderful, massive thanks to Janosch for letting us know about the camera and its movements, and congrats to Kirsty for being the dropper of the camera which had its first result. We’ve updated the tracker page so you can see Camera 5′s current location, as well as giving Camera 5 its very own page so you can keep up to date with its movements. By our calculation, it has travelled approximately 2000 miles (London → Berline → Lisbon) already!

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